Frequently Asked Questions

Look below for some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I cancel or reschedule my exam?

Please call +1 (206)292-7734 or fax your request to +1 (206) 292-6371 .

How do I see the results of my exam?

Exam results are available by several methods.  The most convenient is through our Patient Portal ( Reports are usually available on the 15th day after your exam. In most cases, a copy of the report is faxed to your provider with hours of your exam.  Electronic copies of the images and reports can be requested for pick up or mail out by calling +1-206-292-7744 .  To protect your privacy, we do not email diagnostic reports.

Can I pay my bill on-line?

 Yes. Click Here 

Do you validate parking?

Unfortunately, we do not validate parking at this time.

Can I request my results be sent to my primary provider or another specialist?

Yes, just ask the Patient Support Specialist when you check in at the front desk. You can also ask your technologist at the time of your exam.

Can I bring in disk copies of my previous exam for comparison?

Yes. We encourage you to bring your relevant prior exams and reports. Our providers prefer comparing your relevant prior images to your current exams. In most cases, we can load your prior exams into our system to be compared with your current exam.

Where are we located?

We are located near Swedish Medical Center in Seattle's First Hill Medical Community.  1229 Madison Street (9th Floor), Seattle, WA 98104  

Can I request my exam to be scheduled at Seattle Radiologists?

Yes, we accept most insurance plans and your doctor can refer you directly to our office.  We have convenient weekday hours and we are open on weekends for some procedures.  Please call +1 (206)292-7734 or fax your request to +1 (206) 292-6371 .

How do I get my medical records?

Most of the results from your procedures are available on our Patient Portal. Call +1-206-292-7744 or fax your request to +1 (206) 292-6375 .